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Mrs. Shattuck
In 2013/2014 Mrs. Shattuck became the new student newspaper advisor. She had big shoes to fill, as she took over for Mrs. Rimer who retired the year before from her 16-year position as The DiRectory's newspaper advisor. The 2019/2020 school year marks Mrs. Shattuck's ninth year at Rectory School. She is now a full-time tutor in the Rectory Learning Center, as well as the student newspaper Advisor/Editor, along with her Assistant Editor, Mrs. Jen Hague, and their trusted elective colleague, Mrs. Ginger Kellaway. This year is the eighth year that The DiRectory has been an "online-only" publication, and this particular spring term has made us realize the value of maintaining an online newspaper. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all into "distance learning," but because our newspaper is online, we are still able to publish articles from our Rectory students who are now located all over the world! So grab your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy reading about the interests and reflections of our students, as well as all the wonderful activities that are still being generated from our campus to all our students who wish to participate! We hope you will find some hope and inspiration from our students to carry on through this difficult time!



Mrs. Shattuck, The DiRectory Advisor

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Mrs. Shattuck