On the Courts with Rectory’s Undefeated Tennis Team


Rectory team at the Tennis Hall of Fame

Sports are a big part of the Rectory School, and it is an integral part of our daily lives.  There are lots of spring sports teams at Rectory School. However, we chose the Varsity Tennis team to feature in an article. Here at the DiRectory, we want to give athletes the honor that they deserve for their hard work, so here is this spring’s athletic spotlight.

Lyke & Taylor after their doubles win

Rectory’s Varsity Tennis team has 15 players and two coaches: Coach Mr. Campbell and Coach Ms. Dena. They had nine matches, winning each one (Kingswood Oxford, Wilbraham and Monson, Williston Northampton, Westminster, Marianapolis, Pomfret, Eagle Hill, Fay, and Hillside). They also had a doubles tournament last Saturday at Wheeler School, Where Lyke Y. and Taylor W. won the tournament with an 8-4 victory in the championship match. Ms. Dena and Mr. Campbell think greatly about their goal for this term. They said, “We want to play the best tennis we can while learning to be coachable, display good sportsmanship, and maintain a positive attitude. All of this will ensure a fun & successful season!” Also, they answered how they feel about their team and they talked about their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Campbell said, “Our team’s strengths are we have a great group of kids who push each other to be better. We love having a talented team, but having one where everyone “buys in” and supports/pushes each other has led to our successful season.” For the weaknesses, he said, “we have a number of players who are younger and need to continue to get match experience. It is atypical for varsity teams to have as many 6th and 7th-grade contributing players as we do, which is indicative of the talent and work ethic of those players, but we need them to continue to get match experience as they will quickly become our top players and leaders.” Also, Ms. Dena said, “I would also add as the strength that these are also players that are having fun while learning how to play better tennis. To hear the laughter on the courts is an intense point, no matter who wins is precious!” Overall, their team was undefeated this term. Besides the tournament, Jacky made second place. We hope eighth-grade and younger tennis players will develop further next year and we hope ninth-grade players have good luck at their new school.