An Interview with Greg Z.


The one and only Greg

I think that almost everyone in this school has heard of fifth-grader Greg Zeng, and his interesting personality. After an interview with Greg, I found some intriguing answers to some curious questions that you may have been burning to know.

In case for some odd reason you were wondering what food Greg would eat for the rest of his life if he was stuck on a deserted island, Greg says he would eat cactus. That does not sound like very appealing comfort food but everyone has a different opinion. Greg said he would choose to eat cactus because “Water. There is some water inside a cactus.” Apparently, Greg is happy just the way he is, because when asked if he could be any animal in the world, which animal, he said he would be a human being because “I know what it’s like to be a human.” I know everyone (or no one) is dying to know whether Greg would want an extra eye, mouth, hand, foot, arm, leg, or ear. But Greg said he would rather have an extra eye on the back of his head because “It just wouldn’t look that weird.” If Greg could meet any celebrity he wanted to, he would meet somebody that would give him a million dollars, and he would use that money to buy a house. If Greg was bald, he said he would replace the hair on his head with literally nothing. What superpower would Greg like to have? He’d want to have to power to copy other people’s superpower. Interesting. For the last question, If Greg could only say one word for the rest of his life, he would say “word.” Also interesting.

If all of these questions were true, Greg would be a bald human being living in a million-dollar house on a desert island, eating a cactus while saying “word” to a celebrity giving him a million dollars while watching all of this happen with the third eye on the back of his head. Again, very interesting.