Flows and No Flows of Rectory


Mr. Ames just uses shampoo, and he loves his hair. he cuts his hair at a place called gentlemen’s choice.
Mr. Anderson said that he loves his flow and he cuts it in a place that he likes to call his bathroom. Before his no-flow, he had a nice puffy afro which everyone liked to touch.

Zoe said that her mom forced her to do her flow. It took 4 hours to do and leaves it in for three months. She has to tie it up at night, so she has a personal pillow everywhere she goes.

Mr. Bendall’s flow is inspired by COVID. He just couldn’t get to the barber. But now he keeps growing it so he can donate to Wigs for Kids in honor of his mother who passed away due to cancer. If you want to donate or learn more about Wigs for Kids, click here.

William’s hair was inspired by his dad, he uses Axe gel to shape his flow. It takes William 5-10 minutes on a good day to shape his hair.

Max brushes his hair whenever and uses water to keep his hair looking like it does. His hair is what a lot of hockey players have. They have long hair so it sticks out of there helmet and looks cool, it also keeps their neck warm.

Austin’s flow, named Austin Jr., provides cover for clandestine earbuds.