Inside the Varsity Baseball Team with Collin N.

Collin N. at the plate

Here is Max G.’s interview with Collin N of the Varsity Baseball Team.

Max: What is your goal for this season?

Collin: My goals are to make good plays and highlights obviously, to have a positive mindset, and be a good teammate. 

Max: How have you performed so far this baseball season? What are your standards?

Collin: Uh no I feel like I can make better plays like one time I was covering second base at Wilbraham, and a kid hit it right where I should have been standing I barely missed it so I feel like I should have got that, to get him out at third and first. My standards are to be nice, not to be negative, I want to be a strong hitter, and get good bases.

Max: What position do you play?

Collin: I play second base 

Max: Any big plays this season?

Colin: Uh no not really, but one time I fielded a ground ball, I threw it to Jayden and didn’t get the out at first, but we got the out at the home plate.

Max: How has your team played so far this season? 

Collin: Everyone has played not that bad like we had a game where we lost to Fay 5-4 but Fay had a long ride back so they had to end early. And the second game we absolutely dominated winning 17-4 with Jayden F. ’22 hitting it pretty deep into the outfield. 

Max: Who did you play when you won 17-4?

Collin: Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Max: What does the average practice for your team look like?  

Collin: Oh, we run through fielding grounders making the play to first or second or third also home, we also do a lot of running sometimes.

Max: Does Collin hit dingers?

Collin: No