Mr. Ames’ Bodybuilding Career Uncovered


Most of those who have seen Mr. Ames wouldn’t be surprised that he used to be a professional bodybuilder, but the chances are you don’t know much about his bodybuilding career. In this article, all of your dying questions about Mr. Ames’s fascinating past will hopefully be answered.

Mr. Ames competed in bodybuilding from 1988-1992. Throughout his career, he placed 5th in the 1988 New England Classic, won Mr. Connecticut in 1989 and 1990, and won the 1991 Southern New England Classic. He trained in Tully’s Fitness Center in Newington, Connecticut with fellow bodybuilder Sean Taylor.

Mr. Ames played football in college, so he was already a regular gym-goer. He was always interested in bodybuilding, so when he finished college he started to pursue the sport. Mr. Ames was inspired by legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and his movie “Pumping Iron”.

Mr. Ames loved the discipline it took to be a bodybuilder, especially in nutrition. He says that nutrition was 70% of how you looked, and he enjoyed learning the impact of food and the way he could manipulate how he looked through what he ate. When asked what it takes to become a great bodybuilder, his answer was simple: “Commitment, discipline, hard work.” Mr. Ames talked about his experience in his debut contest, saying that he made many mistakes, such as not reducing his calorie intake enough. However, he claims that he never felt the pressure of the sport, which is part of the reason why he loves bodybuilding. There was one quote that Mr. Ames thought of when he didn’t feel like training, which was “No one’s gonna do it for you, you gotta do it yourself.”

Today, Mr. Ames still keeps the memories of his bodybuilding days alive by going to the weight room before school, and he gives young and aspiring athletes the opportunity to use the weight room early in the morning along with him. Despite having retired from bodybuilding, Mr. Ames still holds the virtues of commitment, discipline, and hard work. Ever since joining the Rectory school in 2001, he has inspired young students with everything he has learned from his past career.