From the Players: Boys’ Lax, DJ H.

Hi, my name is Max. G and today I will be asking one of Rectory’s many lacrosse stars some questions about his preparation and goals for this season. I now welcome DJ. H., please feel free to listen to the interview, or read the transcript below. 

Max: What are you doing at this time to get prepared for the season?

DJ: During my off time, I usually go to the field and practice by myself really, and during the weekends I practice with some kids on the team.

Max: What are some ways you can stay in shape for your sport?

DJ: For me, for instance, I go to workouts at 5:30 AM with Mr. Ames. I would say a lot of weight-based stuff, I do a lot of squats, and deadlifts, and stuff like that, but usually I work on my agility and ability to be steady on my feet.

Max: Do you have workout recommendations for other Rectory students/athletes trying to get better at this sport?

DJ: I would just say grab a lacrosse ball and a lacrosse stick and practice whatever position you play.

Lax Practice

Max: What would you say the best practice for this sport is?

DJ: Just go to a wall and play wall ball.

Max:  What do you hope to accomplish this season as an individual? What about as a team?

DJ: As an individual, I hope to get my footwork better, way better than what I have right now.

Max: What do you hope to accomplish as a team?

DJ: as a team, I’m trying to win everything for the team, I’m trying to get everyone to win.

lax Practice