Thank you Mrs. Tiebout!

We Love Mrs. Tiebout!

We all know our beloved librarian, Mrs.Tiebout, who has been with our Rectory community for 20 years (wow!), but unfortunately, she’s retiring on June 6th. 

Mrs. Tiebout’s favorite thing about Rectory is how supportive the Rectory community is of the library. She said, “The book fair, the enrichment programs, Project READ, and my interns, all have been so much fun.” When asked about her journey to Rectory, Mrs.Tiebout said, “I started out as a second-grade teacher in Putnam, then I left to raise my three sons. When I was ready to go back to work, there was an opening at the Killingly Public Library for a desk clerk and a bookmobile librarian, and I took that job. This led to becoming the Head of Children’s and Young Adult services there and I worked there for 16 years. I saw an ad in the paper for a librarian here at Rectory and I decided that I needed a change and wanted to work in a school, and Rectory was a perfect fit!” Mrs. Tiebout says that she has loved being the librarian at Rectory and getting to know students, parents, and teachers from all around the world has been exciting. Of course, she also loved talking about books and reading. Although times have changed a lot since Mrs. Tiebout began at Rectory – like computers, streaming services, and cell phones – Mrs. Tiebout says, “the community and the school have always remained true to their mission. We are a family here, complete with successes and failures, but we are all here for each other and are working for the students’ good. And I hope that that will never change!” When retired, Mrs. Tiebout plans to spend more time with her five grandchildren and travel with her husband and new RV.

Mrs. Tiebout has persuaded and encouraged her love of reading without a doubt even through the pandemic. Even the difficulties of Covid-19 didn’t stop Mrs. Tiebout from doing an excellent job of managing the school library and successfully directing Project READ throughout our Rectory community. This society would never be the same without the help of our beloved librarian, and for that, the entire school thanks  her. Mrs. Tiebout may be leaving our school, but she will forever be in the heart of every student and teacher at Rectory.