Girl Power: Gigi has Things to Say About Models Being Role Models

Jelena Noura Hadid is her real name, but her professional name is Gigi Hadid. Gigi is playing an outstanding role in the modeling industry. When you think of a model, she is more than just beautiful, she is a good role model. When she is not modeling on the runway or with her boyfriend, Zayn, she is defending the people she loves as in her friends and family. She reminds us daily why we are proud of who she is becoming. 

Gigi is a body-positive person who wants to continue feeling good about herself, encouraging others to do the same.  She believes you should always think positively about yourself, not negatively.  Gigi models for a number of different campaigns such as Guess, Versace, and Maybelline. When she isn’t on the runway, she loves to eat burgers and fries instead of other models who have super strict diets.  She doesn’t care about carbs or what she eats. She doesn’t change anything for the people. Gigi stated in an interview with Bustle, “If you just kind of embrace yourself, like, other people accept you in the same way, and I think that’s cool, to tell other people…that you don’t always have to go with the cookie-cutter version of what people tell you you’re supposed to be.” The person you’ve always been. She also states that she wants to be a “healthy role model,” as in being the person you are and not changing yourself because someone told you too. For example, when she is modeling, she wants to be able to look how she is and not change anything for the part. Gigi is an inspiration to all, and that’s who she wants to be.