2022 Girls’ Lacrosse Team

Girls’ Lax practice

With a 4-1 record (4 wins and 1 loss), Rectory girls lacrosse is off to a great start!  The Rectory girls lacrosse team has a fantastic goalie (Rebecca D.) and two awesome captains (Livie C. and Mimi N.). Rebecca D. hopes, “we can have fun in every single game, ask questions, play hard, and cheer for our teammates.” Rebecca enjoys lacrosse because she like practicing with her teammates and improving new knowledge of the game.


 Amazingly, this is Rebecca’s first time playing goalie. Rebecca explained why she decided to play goalie. She said, “I got interested in lacrosse, and I had never been a goalie before. My brother always says that if there is a new thing that you never know, you should try it, so I tried the goalie; it was really fun!” 

Not only are the players excited for the season, the coaches are too. Mrs. Bradley’s hopes for this season are, “for everyone to get better while having fun.” She thinks that the season has, “so far started out strong and will continue to get better.” Mrs. Bradley thinks that the girls’ lacrosse team’s biggest strength is being able to dig deep despite being tired, and the team’s biggest weakness is communication.

The best part about the team is the positive attitude that everyone has. Tatum L. thinks there will be a successful season this year and will have a fun season. Tatum explains, “I love the girls on the team, and I love the coaches, and some of the drills we do.” Rebecca says, “We have wonderful players in our first game. I believe our team will improve better in the future.”  Grace C. says that she loves, “How we’re all a team and how we work hard together.” 

The girls’ lacrosse team is excited to have a fantastic season, and to learn new things as a team!