Covid Evacuation


Can you imagine being told to “move out” of your home? Recently Shanghai “is the site of China’s worst coronavirus outbreak since the initial one in Wuhan at the end of 2019,” and hundreds of Chinese residents have been forced from their homes to allow for buildings to be cleaned. Where did the people go? The government transported residents to quarantine facilities hundreds of kilometers away from their homes. They even had to leave their pets behind.

In another community near Shanghai, residents were asked to leave their homes in order for the government to create isolation sites for COVID-positive patients. What? Move out so sick people can move in? 

Pictures show workers wearing personal protective equipment standing at the entrance of a compound in Shanghai’s Jing’an district. It has also been reported that residents are protesting against these evacuations. Especially about not having access to food and everyday needs.

Another horrible and surprising news report was about an elderly person being mistaken for being dead. “A Shanghai nursing home resident was mistakenly taken to the morgue while still alive.” Mistakes are happening everywhere in Shanghai as the positive cases of COVID rise every day.

Even though I have had COVID at Rectory and had to move out of my room to quarantine, I always had food to eat and was cared for by my teachers. 

Hope Shanghai will lift the lockdown soon!