Quest martial arts

Quest martial arts

Interviewing Quest Martial Arts
We are talking to the masters of Quest Martial Arts and two of our very own Rectory students, William M and Kia F. Quest Martial Arts teaches kids and adults from 5 to 50 perseverance and indomitable spirit through punching, kicking, and blocking.. As you move up through your belts you learn harder and harder things. Their location is in Thompson, Connecticut. I am currently a junior apprentice black belt. In Quest, people of all ages make friends and have fun during drills and learn to protect themselves against bullies and street thieves. Our masters teach us to be bold, kind, and resourceful. Every year, Quest hosts a tournament, in this tournament you get scored on how well you do. One amazing blackbelt entered a tournament for women, even though the sparring was for 17 and up and she was only 15. Our masters had to persuade the judges to let her compete. She ended up winning. So let’s get interviewing!

How has Quest contributed to the town?
Master D:,“ We take the people in this community and we make them better people. We create people who are nicer, kinder, volunteer, and care about others, and that is going to have an effect on the community. Also, since they are learning martial arts they will step in and defend the bully to help because they know self-defense. Lastly, the demo team entertains people, and lots of kidshave activities to do and the parents stress relief and a moment alone.”

Later William said, “Quest martial arts makes people feel safer, me especially, Quest helps people defend themselves, and lastly Quest entertains people.”

Last I interviewed Kia F and he said, “I think they donate toys and they support TEEG.” (TEEG is the Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group, a very important resource for our community.)

How has your business grown since the move from Putnam to Thompson?
Master D: ”When we moved here during COVID we were down to about 100 students. Once we moved here we were focusing on just karate and not on the gym and the workouts. We knocked out some of the walls to make the karate dojo bigger. We have been getting more kids because parents feel that it is a safe place to be.