Roman Barrett: The Trap Shooter



Roman Barrett is a 9th grader who can often be seen around campus throwing around a football, playing catch with a baseball, shooting some basketballs, but buckets aren’t the only things that Roman shoots. What you may or may not know about Roman is that he has achieved great success in trapshooting, and is currently ranked 16th in the nation for his age division.

Now you may be asking, “what is trapshooting?” Trapshooting is a sport where competitors use shotguns to shoot down clay targets that are flung into the air from random directions. Trapshooting requires an incredible level of focus. Roman says “To be a great shooter, you have to be highly focused. I can’t even count how often I have been told that the most difficult part of trapshooting is the six inches between your ears, meaning your brain. If you are not laser-focused when the target comes out of the trap house, the odds are you will miss it. The best shooters in the world can hit one hundred targets in a row in their sleep. If you think about it, that’s kind of crazy. There aren’t many, if any, basketball players who can hit one hundred free throws in a row or baseball players who can pitch a strike one hundred times in a row.”

Roman grew up around the rifle range, but fell in love with trapshooting when he first tried it in 2019. He says “I first saw trapshooting in 2019 at an open house at my local gun club. I grew up going to the rifle range with my dad, but I never tried shooting a shotgun before. I simply thought it was just something new to try, but I ended up loving it more than I could imagine. At the open house, the coaches of the trap team gave me a shotgun and five rounds. I called for the target, placed the bead on the flying orange disc, and pulled the trigger. To my surprise, the clay pigeon exploded into a cloud of orange dust. I hit three out of five, pure luck, and I was hooked. In the spring, I started trapshooting for real. It was tough at first, but I developed my technique and started getting really good. ”

If you can’t tell already, Roman is truly passionate about the sport. When asked to describe his love for the sport, he said “I love trapshooting because it is just instant gratification seeing the clay pigeon turn to dust when you hit it. It is a really exciting sport to play, but in reality, it calms me down. It gives me a chance to focus on one thing and let all other distractions in life melt away. I also really like competing, and trapshooting is one of the most competitive sports in the world. Trapshooters are some of the friendliest, most genuine people in the whole world, but once you get on the trap line, all you are thinking about is hitting more birds than them and taking home the prize. ” To be great at anything, you have to truly have a passion for what you are doing. For Roman, his passion took him to a long list of accomplishments, including:

Named to the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) 2022 Sub-Junior All American second team (only the second Sub-Junior from Massachusetts to ever make an ATA All American team)
Named to the 2021 Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation All Scholastic Team.
Named to the 2022 Massachusetts Trapshooting Association State Team (youngest ever named to this team)
Singles State Champion: MA, RI, CT, NH, ME
Handicap State Champion: MA, CT, NH, ME
Doubles State Champion: MA, CT, NH, ME
High Overall State Champion: MA, CT, NH, ME
High All-Around State Champion: MA, RI, CT, NH, ME
Cardinal Classic Singles and Handicap Champion

Roman wants to spread his passion for trapshooting, and urges everyone to try trapshooting at least once. Roman’s advice for anyone interested in trapshooting is: “Just go to your local gun club and try it out. Trapshooting isn’t for everybody, but it’s a lot of fun. Some people try it once and won’t ever again. Some people only shoot recreationally. Others, like me, love to compete. Whichever way you go is ok. But I urge you to try trapshooting, even if only once in your life. Safety is the first priority for every person at a gun range, and trapshooting is widely recognized as the safest sport in America (if you don’t believe me, look it up), so if you are concerned about safety, you shouldn’t be. ” Roman also talks about other reasons to get involved in trapshooting, such as the opportunity to travel the world, the opportunities for college and university, and the possibility of competing in the Olympics. He says “Trapshooting also opens up so many opportunities for young shooters. Firstly, you can travel all over the country and the world. This past year I shot in eleven states, and I’m going to even more this year. There are also plenty of shooting leagues in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Secondly, many colleges and universities offer scholarships for trapshooting like Purdue, Duke, Texas A&M, and Yale. Finally, probably the most important opportunity for talented trapshooters is a trip to the summer Olympics.”
Although trapshooting may be a foreign sport to many of us, Roman’s level and achievements in the sport can not go unnoticed. Perhaps you want to try your hand at trapshooting, and as Roman says, “Go try it out! What, afraid you might like it?”

Also, Roman adds that if anyone has questions about trapshooting, they can feel free to ask him.