What Students Have to Say About Spring Electives.



Hi, I’m Roy L. and I interviewed some students about their elective to see what they think. There are so many offerings this spring, so here are a few and what students had to say about their new elective. 

The first person interviewed was Jotham B. Jotham is in the play, Into the Woods, and here’s what he thinks about it. “I like my elective because I like to perform and performing makes me happy.” 

Next up is Shomarie R., he is in 3D printing, here’s what he thinks. “Because Mr. Fuller does it,” great words of wisdom from a great friend. 

Now to hear what one of my classmates, Parker M., thinks about the chess elective, “I want to get better at chess and try playing chess.” Personally, I love chess and I hope Parker sticks with it. 

For the final interview with Nicholas Z., I asked him about the orchestra elective and he said, “I like to play music but the elective is boring.” 

Well, that’s it for part one and make sure to read the DiRectory for more!