Your New Home: Centennial Hall


Recently, the Head of  School, Mr. Williams, revealed two new projects to enhance the Rectory campus. The first one is to improve the girls’ locker room by making it bigger and making it better for the Rectory athletes. The second big project is to construct a new dormitory next to the gym, which will house 24 students. After learning of these things, I asked Mr. Williams some questions about the new projects.

Mr. Williams, what are the principal reasons to change the girls’ locker room? He answered, “When the Rectory School was founded, it was primarily a school for boys, and then as the female numbers grew – in some instances – we retrofitted space to provide needed facilities. This is the case with the existing girls’ locker room. But now we have significantly outgrown that space as the number of girls on campus continues to increase, And the space also wasn’t built and designed to be a locker room so we needed to make improvements to that space and we are going to do so now.”


Then I asked him how the new dormitory would help to improve the Rectory campus? Mr. Williams responded, “It is going to improve the campus in so many ways. Similar to the locker room, some of the girls’ dorms are houses not designed for dormitories. So the rooms are nice, and there is an intimacy and closeness to the spaces, but the common rooms aren’t large enough, and the bathrooms are too small for the number of students needing to use them. The new dorm has been designed to perfectly accommodate the number of students and adults who will live in it. It will also be our first dormitory with air conditioning!”

The last question was on a scale of 1-10. Mr. Williams, what is your excitement level for these two projects and why? Mr. Williams answered: “100 because the girls’ locker room is certainly needed. In fact, I think it is the space most requiring attention on campus. And the girls’ dorm is not only going to provide better housing for our female students, it is also going to provide four really nice faculty residences. The dorm has a beautiful design and is going to be very comfortable with state-of-the-art ventilation and a deck out back with a fire pit. The dorm will also be centrally located on campus so the girls don’t have to cross the street and trek all the way to Murphy.”

Then I interviewed some female students of Rectory and asked their reaction to the new girls’ dorm and locker room.

About the girls’ locker room they said, “The old locker room is bad. And the new design looks really nice,” “It’s good to expand the spaces,” “It is a lot bigger than before, and there is new space,” “It looks way better than the last one,” We will be more comfortable in the new locker room than in the last one,” “It will smell better.”

And in response to the new dorm, they said: “It is pretty,” “It is very big,” “It has bigger rooms,” “It has two bathrooms per floor, so that is good.” They love the combination of single and double rooms and the fact that the common room is a lot bigger.” In the end, they told me that they couldn’t wait to eat some ice cream and drink tea in the new dorm.