Jay Peak: A Blast in the Snow

On Feb/4-Feb/7 2022, there was a joyful long weekend ski trip for 59 Rectory students who opted to go north and take on the challenges of Jay Peak Mountain. For some, this was the first time down a ski slope; for others, the jumps and glades were an invitation to hone their skills.

First day – Feb 4, 2022
On February 4th, Rectory alpine enthusiasts hopped on the bus heading to Jay, Vermont. Going all the way up near the border to Canada took a long bus ride, approximately 6-7 hours. It was supposed to be a 5-hour ride, but the winter storm of snow and ice slowed us as did the snowbank the bus got stuck in less than a mile from the hotel. Sitting sideways on the mountain road up to the hotel, it took more than an hour to move out of the bus and shuttle to our lodging. After the bus ride, when we finally arrived at the Stateside hotel where we would be staying for the next 4 days, we finally learned who our roommates would be. Then it was off to pizza for dinner and spending the rest of time visiting other friends’ rooms and hanging out until lights out.

Second day – Feb 5, 2022
Saturday was the first day people actually started to ski. After an early breakfast in the hotel buffet, students went to a rental shop for gear rentals. And then, they hit the mountain. Jay Peak’s 300 acres of slopes and nine chair lifts made it impossible for skiers to get bored. Whether you were a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skier, there were sure to be many runs for you.
David Y. said, “I love the speed when I go straight down while I ski. Even when I unexpectedly crash while skiing, I am still having fun and making memories. My favorite part of the ski trip was being able to ski with friends and having great roommates to have fun at night.”
After skiers finished skiing around 4:00 p.m., they got to rest in their own room or visit other peoples’ rooms. At 5:15, everyone went down to the cafeteria to eat some pasta while sharing their eventful day of skiing – except for Chana, who took a field trip with Mr. Williams to the local hospital (nothing serious). Afterward, we went to the cinema to watch the movie, “Free Guy”. When the movie ended, students got to go into their rooms while enjoying snacks and beverages from the vending machine until 9:30, then lights out time.

Third day – Feb 6, 2022
The second day of skiing started out similar to the first, except a few exhausted students stayed in their rooms. Instead of going to rental shops again, they went straight to the lockers to get their gears which reduced a lot of time. Some people even went to the tram side for skiing that leads to the highest point of the mountain, which has a wonderful and beautiful view you can only see in Vermont. Enjoying lunch as their own in the cafeteria or separate restaurant, students would ski for a second straight day. The after-ski schedule went pretty much similar to the first day, except for dinner time which became 6:00 p.m., not 5:15 p.m. After having tacos in the cafeteria, students went to the arcade located right next to the hotel. They enjoyed a bunch of arcade games like shooting basketballs, mini bowling, ping pong, and more.

Last day – Feb 7, 2022
The last day was pretty much getting ready for going back to school. After packing up, students got to ski until 1:00 p.m. After skiing, students enjoyed a short time of shopping, eating, and getting ready for the return. Departure was delayed an hour since the bus got in trouble and required a new bus, but it all worked out fine. During the bus ride, all students went to McDonald’s for dinner, and came back to Rectory around 10:00 p.m., ready for a shortened week of school.

Overall, I can tell that the Jay Peak long weekend ski trip was very successful. Students and faculty enjoyed skiing and got to relieve stress by staying in a hotel with their friends. I am looking forward to having another one next year.