Life in Isolation

On 1.14.2022, I was caught by a teacher after lunch and was asked to go to the infirmary. A few minutes later, I was tested positive and arrived at Fisher dorm to start my isolation. Everything seemed to be uncertain and unrealistic – I never considered the possibility of getting Covid like this before!

On the first day of isolation, I was worried since I’ve always seen news emphasizing people dying and being tortured by Covid. I had a headache, and the only thing I managed to do was play Tetris. However, I gradually found the isolation becoming a holiday after the first day. I was living in a double room so I had plenty of space, and I also had all my tech so I could do whatever I wanted. Meals would be delivered by teachers every day, and on Saturday, Mr. Long even brought amazing strawberry smoothies. The symptoms disappeared quickly. I finished my homework and classwork every day efficiently and spent the rest of my time playing chess, watching The Queen’s Gambit, practicing guitar, and of course, playing Tetris – before isolation, my highest score was only 46,186, while by the end of the isolation I reached 81,717. I thought I might not be able to follow the academic classes, but actually, it was not that hard. I sent emails to my teachers when I had questions, and they always replied to me quickly so that I could always understand what was happening.

Despite two of my human companions in Fisher, there were also a lot of insect companions. I killed four ladybugs, two unknown giant species there, and some insects that were killed for one of my friends whose room attracted huge bugs because of it’s warmth. At first, I was still a little scared, but I soon became professional after peacefully removing a ladybug who crawled on my Chromebook. I was so professional that I even got paid – that friend owed me five dollars for killing those bugs.

The last day when I was leaving Fisher, I even felt upset and thought I would miss this fun and comfortable life there. Life in isolation was not as terrible as I thought. Not at all. Life has been quite stressful considering application and Capstone research deadlines coming closer. I really felt like I had a good rest and “recharged myself” by the isolated but fun life in Fisher, and I actually enjoyed stopping socializing very much. Even isolation could be lived as a holiday!