Rectory’s First Shred of the Year


David Y.

The mountain

On January 16th, the first ski trip of the year with nearly 70 Rectory students, mostly boarding and a few day students, heading to the slopes of Mt. Wachusett to kick off the weekly ski program. It was a delayed start since COVID protocols caused Rectory to cancel the first week, but that just made passionate skiers more eager to get out on the snow… and to get off-campus.


The day was a huge success. Good conditions, no injuries, and a lot of fun! And that is despite the fact some of the students had never skied before. There was a variety of experience levels among the skiers. Expert skiers who went straight to black diamond courses (hardest) and some beginner skiers who started learning how to ski by taking lessons at the mountain or from their friends. Alex. S ‘23 said, “Being able to ski after three years on Mt. Wachusett was a magnificent experience. Skiing with friends was very fun since David kept falling.” Some of these same adventuresome skiers and boarders also got closed out of lessons which were full.  No problem, they taught themselves and are much better prepared for week two.

Ski bro

A few were moving a bit slowly as we returned to campus with some sore muscles and bruised backsides. However, we are already looking forward to a return trip this weekend. The cider donuts and terrain park eagerly await.