Rectory School Spirit Days

Here are a few great pictures and comments from Rectory’s community from the pink-out day.


Halliway W.

Mrs. Haines

Starting January 14, 2022, Rectory had its first Spirit Day. These will continue every Friday for the Winter term. Spirit Days are days with a fun theme. The student council conducted a survey of the students to decide what themes Rectory will do for Spirit Days. The student council is the “voice of the students.” Some of the themes this year are multiplicity day, any backpack day, favorite team day, and represent your country day.

Today, the spirit day is a pink-out dress-down to support breast cancer awareness! The student council is also accepting donations. Here is what a few of our pink-wearing community had to say, “We do spirit days to bring spirit to Winter,” and “They can also help people connect with their friends and pump up the students!”

Spirit days seem to be popular among the students and teachers. Mckenna B. says, “Spirit days bring out the creativity in everyone.” Mr. Ames was very enthusiastic about pink day, saying, “Any time we come to rally together as a community is positive.” Many students and teachers are proud of the Rectory community for their effort and participation.