The Axe in the Stump #2: “So, Yeah, There’s A Cap Now”


Here’s what’s happened so far. Bryce and I went on a hike and found an axe, took it home, left it in my room, came back to find it glowing, then its letter scrambled from ancient Greek gibberish to “come find us” in English. Also, I might have lied to my mom that we were going on a four-week long school trip that was mandatory… I don’t want her to think I have a death wish or that she should be worried.

After about two minutes of translating, and what we do best, bantering, we cracked the code. ‘Use the map.’”

“But where could they be? All they said was ‘Come find us! Where is us?’” That’s Bryce asking dumb questions, as usual. 

“Or how about ‘Who is us, Bryce?’” Yes, you guessed it; that’s me correcting Bryce like I always have to do.

We continued hiking up the hill in the field to continue the mission.

We walked in silence for about five seconds before Bryce finally processed what I had said to him.

“Yeah, ‘who’, but still, where are they?” Bryce was whining like a two-year-old.

I probably annoyed Bryce with my ‘who’ correction. He was technically right, after all. “Yes, but grammar, Bryce.” 

“You’re worse than my Mom,” he said, annoyed.

“Ouch!” I shouldn’t have been offended by that; Bryce’s mom is actually really nice.

And that’s when we saw it, a green baseball cap with Greek writing and a piece of paper that showed what the symbols meant. It came from nowhere.

“What is this?” Bryce picked up the cap and paper. “Dude, the paper translates it to English!”

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it. Someone alive today spoke ancient Greek unless of course, it was a gift from the gods. Yeah, right!

After about two minutes of translating, and what we do best, bantering, we cracked the code. ‘Use the map.’

“There’s a map?” Bryce was confused like he always is when there’s something obvious.

“Well duh! Why else would they say it?” 


“It’s obvious there’s a map, Bryce.”

“Well, you never know!” Bryce defended himself.

“You just read it, Bryce,”  I sighed.

“Whatever! Let’s just find the map,” Bryce said in an aggravated tone.

“Yeah ok,” I rolled my eyes and started walking again. “C’mon, Bryce! Quit just standing around. We gotta find this thing!” 

“Coming!” he called over to me.

Alright, we have a clue, and soon we’ll probably be at this mystery place with a map, and this cool axe, and we can go home. Hopefully.

“So what’s the plan? Just search around the field until we find it?” Bryce asked.

“Yeah, that should work!” I replied. “So you really do have a brain somewhere in there!” I snickered.

“Hey, be quiet. You have a C+ as your highest grade right now,” he remarked.

“That doesn’t make me not smart. It just means I make more space for less important things,” I said, offended.

“That doesn’t make you very bright, that’s for sure,” Bryce rolled his eyes and smirked.

While it is true my highest grade is a C+, it’s still not a very fair comment. I would do better if I tried, which is what my mom tells me. Yeah, right!

“Yo, dude! I think I found something!” Bryce held up an old-looking piece of paper above his head and started waving it like it was a flag.

“Ok! Ok! I can see it! Stop waving it like that. It’s gonna rip!”

We both huddled together and started reading the map. It was hard to see at first but then little blobs of color started appearing, getting brighter and easier to see each second that went by. Our eyes also got wider with shock every second.

“It looks like we have to go to the cave,” Bryce said softly in a scared tone.

“No, dude. You know what they say! That place is haunted!” I said, panicked.

“Ghosts are just a myth, bro,” Bryce sighed.

“Fine, we’ll go to the cave, but don’t come crying to me when you see that old witch!”

“She was a fortune-teller,” Bryce corrected me.

“Same thing,” I complained.

“No, they aren’t…. Actually, fine, I’m not arguing this with you,” Bryce shook his head.

“Let’s go, Bryce,” I motioned with my hand for him to follow.

So off we go, to the haunted cave by the broken railroad tracks. Hopefully, it’s not actually haunted and we come back safe. My mom will kill me if I die.

“Wait- What was that noise….?”