PJ Day at Rectory

Rectory held its first Pajama Day on December 10th, 2021. Pajama Day was the idea of Hadly H., a 5th grader at Rectory. Many students brought $1 or more donations to help support children with cancer. If students donated to help children with cancer, they could dress down, or wear their pajamas. On this day, many students wore pajamas because children in hospitals with cancer or blood disorders didn’t have the option of wearing anything but PJ’s. Rectory raised $2,500 to help children with cancer.
Rectory is part of a state-wide effort to help children with cancer called CCMC. CCMC stands for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. The CCMC holds a fundraiser every year to raise money for children with cancer and blood disorders. PJ day is also a day to honor the kids fighting cancer in the Connecticut Children’s Hospital. In her presentation about PJ day, Hadly H. says, “I noticed that Pomfret is not a participating town, and I want to change that!”

What did you think about Pajama Day?

Ethan L. said, “It was nice. I liked the idea of helping the children with cancer and being comfortable.”

Clement W. said, “I thought it was nice to be able to help out the cause.”

What could be better?

Ethan L. said, “If students could wear more pajamas instead of wearing a dress down.”

Clement W. said, “Nothing at all.”

Thank you everyone for helping raise money for children with cancer!
Thank you Hadley H. for this amazing idea and the student council! I don’t know how to thank you enough!