Student Athlete Spotlight: Boys’ Soccer


Megan Bard

Shawn Wei, Rectory Sweeper

Sports are a big part of the Rectory School, it is something that is part of our daily lives, and together we win and lose. In this third weekly student-athlete spotlight, we chose the Boys’ Varsity A Soccer team. Here at the DiRectory, we want to give athletes the honor that they deserve for their hard work, so here is this week’s athlete spotlight.

Boys’ Varsity A Soccer: 

Shawn Wei

Boys’ Varsity A Soccer coach Mr. Vollinger and Mr. Woodard chose Shawn for his “Consistent effort and smart play.” Shawn Wei is a ninth-grader who came to Rectory when he was just a fifth-grader. He has always been a contributor to the soccer team, being part of the Varsity B team since fifth grade, and moving up to Varsity A this year. Shawn is a perfectionist who is motivated to work hard every day at practice to make sure he keeps mistakes to a minimum during games. He says “I want to improve so I don’t do something stupid during a game.” Shawn is a passionate lover of soccer, and he really values teamwork. He says, “I love soccer because it’s a sport where every team member is important. This trait of soccer pushes everyone to work hard, and help each other out when needed.” Shawn’s love of soccer started with humble beginnings in his hometown of Shenzhen. “I played club soccer in Shenzhen, China for about three years, but I stopped for a while after sustaining a sports injury. Then I played for five years at Rectory.” When asked what his goals are, he said, “To improve my ball control, mental stability, and have a fun season.”

Shawn is ending his five-year journey in Rectory soccer this year, and whatever school he goes to next, he will for sure make their soccer team better. This will be the last student-athlete spotlight for the fall season, so be sure to keep your heads up for the winter season’s student-athlete spotlights!