Black vs. Orange Day (Winning team revealed)

Black and Orange day is a tradition happening annually in Rectory.  Every student is on one of the two teams — Black or Orange — that compete against each other as part of the school color competition! On Friday, November 5th, 2021, this year’s Black and Orange day was held. It was a dress down day, but students and staff needed to wear clothes that contained their teams’ colors. Beautiful black and orange clothes with Rectory logos were provided for students who didn’t have suitable clothes in the gym.


According to Ms. O’Neil, this year’s Black and Orange Day is different because we had a shorter amount of time. As a result, students were divided into several groups. Fifth to seventh graders were in one group, eighth to ninth graders were in another group, and students could choose whether they wanted to be involved in high-intensity or low-intensity competition. 5th to 7th graders played capture the pool noodles, relay races, and tennis baseball, while 8th to 9th graders did soccer, minefield, and kickball. Everyone did dodgeball in the gym! The academic day ended earlier, and everyone was excited to compete. The goal is to get all of one color onto your side!



This was the first time I participated in Black and Orange Day in-person. I was on the Orange team, and dodgeball was my favorite activity. We not only threw balls at each other, but also needed to pay attention to avoid being hit. And if you catch the ball, the thrower is out., and one of your teammates could come back. There were four rounds, and the round that impressed me the most was when the Orange team was about to lose, the last few girls kept bringing back players. I was not very good at throwing, so I could hardly hit any player while it was very likely that the ball I threw would be caught. To solve this problem, I developed a strategy — I tried to catch the balls that were thrown and collect balls for the others instead of providing balls for the rivalry team. Unfortunately, as I kept trying to catch the balls, I was out soon because a ball I tried to catch hit me. 


Nevertheless, watching the game was no less fun than playing it. Everyone was cheering enthusiastically for their teams, and the chaos in the gym was amazing. People ran, cheered, laughed, and shouted. I enjoyed the frenetic activity very much, and I was impressed to see that even though everyone wanted to win, people who were hit would leave honestly. The atmosphere was competitive, exciting, but always friendly!


And the winner of this Fall’s competition is…