Rectory’s Wild Chicken

There have been some wild chicken sightings at Rectory! Many questions have been raised about this odd species, is it even a chicken? After extensive research and extreme spying, we have discovered more about this mysterious “chicken.”

This chicken’s name is revealed to be Bigfoot Gallus Gallus Domesticus Jungle Fowl Sasquatch. Weird name, right? Well, that is just the beginning of the weirdness, trust me. You might be wondering why this beast has such a strange name. Many scientists have marveled at this strange creature, but have never dared to share their findings with the world, in fear that the chicken would come after them. The name Bigfoot Gallus Gallus Domesticus Jungle Fowl Sasquatch comes from the scientific name for a chicken and is inspired by the many legends of creatures roaming around the world. 

  You’re probably wondering where this monstrous chicken came from, well we’re about to tell you, so take a seat as you read because this is a lot to take in. 

It all started in 1930, 10 years after the Rectory school was founded. In honor of 10 years, the school decided to have a cookout outside of the Hamilton dorm. They had burgers, hot dogs, sweets, soda pop, and… chicken. Now they didn’t have just any chicken, the chicken had been raised on the main chef’s farm. The chef had been fattening it for a few months so he and his family could eat it, but once he heard about the cookout he knew it was the right time to feast on it. The chicken was the biggest chicken anyone had ever seen, it was the size of a teenager and was big enough to feed everyone at the cookout. Now obviously no chicken would be very pleased to be used as a main course, but this chicken was especially mad. He had been around for so long, trusted its owner so much, and when he learned he was to be served as the main dish he was upset.  The chicken needed a plan to escape, he wasn’t ready to die. He spent hours thinking about what his plan would be. In the end, he decided to hide in Hamilton North dorm. He waited for hours and hours to find new places to hide. Eventually, he looked out the window and thought the people had left, but he was sadly mistaken. He walked out of the dorm and immediately he saw people running at him in every direction. He was caught and brought to the grill. The people enjoyed them as a main dish, everyone went back for more. The chicken’s body was gone forever but his ghosts still remained. 

Everyone had forgotten about this chicken, in fact, no student and most teachers didn’t even know this cookout ever happened. Notice how we said DIDN’T know? Well, everyone now knows about this treacherous “Chicken” after this recently showed up in the Hamilton north dorm! Everyone was spooked by its creepy face and sharp hatchet but it didn’t seem to want human flesh, it only wanted electronics such as phones, computers, and iPads. We aren’t sure why it craves electronics but we know that people aren’t pleased by the fact that their belongings are being chopped up for whatever reason.

Now that the chicken is back, everyone is scared to the moon and back because nobody knows what his next move is. Will he take over a class? Steal more electronics? Nobody knows! If you see this menacing chicken around campus, please contact the exterminators immediately. The treacherous chicken could be anywhere! Also, recent evidence has shown that this beast is not the only one of his kind. It is possible that this violent chicken has friends, and is waiting for the Rectory School to let their guard down, so he can bring them in to overthrow the school! Headmaster Chicken, coming through!