Cedric Diggory

A short poem by Elaine D.

September, nineteen eighty-nine

He arrived at Hogwarts

Magical sorting hat assigns

Him to the house of hard work.

A Hufflepuff’s patience, kindness,


Makes him magnificent people

Of capability.

The Big Triwizard Tournament, 

Is tremendously treacherous.

With rules that restrict armament.

Designed for the ones who are adventurous.

Without any angst, vacillation

Nor hesitation,

He entered fearlessly,

With determination.

Three vastly enigmatic tasks.

Three warriors, in this case four.

Who will win? the audience asks.

Cheer for ones you adore.

First task, to steal the dragon’s egg.

A Black Swedish Short-Snout,

As fierce as a hot flaming fire.

Still he won without a doubt.

Second task, to save Cedic’s loved spouse,

Trapped under Hogwarts’ lake,

With the help of bubble-head charm spell,

He finishes first with Cho awake.

Third task, reach the Triwizard cup

Placed in a very mystic,

mystifying, mysterious, maze.

Where things seem realistic, but are actually imagistic.

Whoever touches the cup first,

Will be the winner out of the four.

Who will win? the audience asks.

Cheer for the ones you adore.

Cedric entered fearlessly,

With determination.

Without any angst, vacillation

Nor any hesitation.

Every inch of the maze pioneered,

But still no cup has been found.

One by one the warriors fail

Leaving only Cedric and Harry in the round.

Finally, Cedric sees the cup,

But he got distracted,

the rattan on the walls assailed,

But Harry came and pulled him up.

The two arrive at the cup.

They reach the cup at the same time,

Thinking that it is all over.

But is actually Voldermort’s crime.

The Triwizard cup got replaced,

By a Portkey that transferred them

To the Little Hangleton Graveyard

Where Wormtail was waiting for them.

Avada Kedavra!

Wormtail yelled while waving his wand

Towards Cedric,

Leaving no time for him to respond.

Our beloved Cedric Diggory,

Is now forever gone.

The heinous Lord Voldemort.

Hatred in our hearts has remarkably spawn.