The Adventure Park

Rectory Boarding Students’ big adventure.

We really loved The Adventure Park on the last Sunday in October. It was awesome – for different reasons. The adventure park had zip lines, tree climbing, tightropes, and swinging logs.  It was exciting to finally be off-campus with friends after almost two months on campus. There were five courses from the easiest to the hardest.  

Here’s what Ginny said about the course, “I didn’t participate because it was too challenging for me but I still kept trying to pass courses.”  Maro said that, “My favorite course was the blue ironwood because it was challenging, thrilling, and fun.” Some of the more difficult courses, Maro “Wasn’t as strong at as the others.”

We also asked people if they had an opinion on the hardest level. Edgardo said, “It was hard and it took a lot of time, but it was really fun!” Martin said, “The black course wasn’t scary but it was physically tough and I made it through.” 

Some people claimed to be hungry enough to eat a boar after being on the courses for a few hours. Although the pizza came late and dissatisfied people, it eventually arrived. We hope everyone enjoyed doing this fun activity as much as we did.

The last thing,  we just wanted to thank everyone for helping and organizing this awesome activity. It was great. 

Thank you!