Student Athlete Spotlight: Fitness

Sports are a big part of the Rectory School, it is something that is part of our daily lives, and together we win and lose. In this second weekly student athlete spotlight, we chose the fitness team. Here at the DiRectory, we want to give athletes the honor that they deserve for their hard work, so here is this week’s athlete spotlight.


Junsoo L.

Fitness coaches Mr. Ames and Mrs. Labonte-Campbell chose Junsoo “For his consistent hard work and for leading by example every day at practice!”

Junsoo is an 8th grader, and he does fitness because is determined to be healthy and be in shape for basketball. He says, “The reason I work hard is of course because of my health… That’s what makes the body stronger.” Junsoo is inspired to get fit because he feels weaker than other kids while playing basketball. “I feel weak physically when I play basketball because I am weaker than other kids.” Junsoo is an athlete that is eager to be his best self, as he says “The reason I like fitness is because I feel more advanced than I was yesterday.” When asked what his goals are, he said “I don’t have a specific goal, but I will work hard until the end of fitness.” 

Junsoo’s words reflect what his coaches see in him. Like Junsoo, we should all strive to be our best selves and work hard every day. Keep your heads up for next week’s student athlete spotlight!