Student Athlete Spotlight: Girls’ Soccer

Sports are a big part of the Rectory School, it is something that is part of our daily lives, and together we win and lose. In this new weekly article, coaches will get the chance to nominate an athlete that they think deserves a spotlight. Here at the DiRectory, we want to give athletes the honor that they deserve for their hard work, so here is this week’s athlete spotlight.

Girls’ Soccer: 

Isabel D’Alleva-Bochain

Girls’ Soccer coach Ms. Bradley had much to say about Isabel, making it clear how much her hard work and dedication is valued. Isabel is a stand-out athlete not just because of her athletic skills but mainly because of her work ethic on the field. No matter what drill or game she is giving 110% each time. She is always laser-focused on what she needs to do and effortlessly determined to accomplish it. She is a quiet but humble leader who constantly encourages her teammates to try their best no matter what that might look like. It is hard to describe just one reason why she deserves the spotlight because she has so many. We are lucky to have Isabel be a part of the Rectory Community and especially the soccer team.” 

Isabel has been playing soccer since she was six years old, making this her seventh year playing soccer. Isabel says she loves soccer because “it’s simple, I go out on the field, work hard and give it my all. Also, I get to compete, and practice with my teammates.” When asked what motivates her to work hard, her answer was nothing short of inspiring. She said, “I want to be the best possible version of myself, both as a leader and a soccer player. Also, if I work hard it improves the whole team.” Finally, we asked her what her goals are this year in soccer, “My goals this year are to play hard in every game, and to be a leader.”

Next time the Girls’ Soccer team plays a home game, be sure to go cheer them on and watch the product of Isabel’s hard work! Also, be sure to keep your heads up for next week’s athlete of the week!