Girls’ Varsity Soccer off to a Good Start!

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer is off to a great start with five wins and only one loss! Hopefully, they can keep up the wins so we can hear the victory bell once more, with a good starting lineup they were able to win the game. The 30-minute halves are tiring for them but it is worth it to feel that whistle blow knowing that they won the game. 

It certainly helps when your friends are watching and supporting you. In the practice leading up to their g, they are working on running and good first touches on the ball. Coaches Ms. Callanan and Ms. Bradley are great for the team. They have two strong goalies, Mimi and Hadly.  The goalie is the player who saves the goals that are shot at the net.. Their defense looks strong with Mckenna B., Rowan L., Zino E., Nora M., and Jennie C. as wingers, and Lisa S. and Brooke C. as Sweep. The defense is almost unstoppable; they work very hard to keep the soccer ball out of their zone. 


The offense is equally potent with Maria P. and Isabel D. as center midfielders. Chloe W., Erin P., Izzy D., Rebeca D., and Hadly H., makeup the winged midfielders. Finally, Tatum L., Chi-Chi O., Katie A., and Sam M., as strikers. The offense are the players who bring the ball up the field and shoot the ball into the goal. 

The last game at Fall Family Weekend was quite a hit, parents were there and watching the game too. It must have been nice to watch them play their best and win the game. The team won the game 2 – 1, both goals were scored by Isabel D. The Girls’ played the Jr. Varsity team from Marionapolis. Marinapaolis was a great team and it was a fair game. They started off the first half strong with one goal and kept working hard. The first half was 30 minutes of running up and down the field. In the middle of both halves, Coach Callanan and Bradly told them what they should do better and they achieved those goals and played better to get yet another goal. 

They do have to give credit to the players on the bench at the time. They always are yelling and cheering their team on – especially their goalie Mimi – after she saves a goal or kicks the perfect dropkick to a teammate. When you are running up the field on a breakaway and hear them shout, it makes you want to run that extra step boost the confidence you might have needed.  

So the next time you have free time, maybe you should head down to the girls’ soccer field to watch this fantastic team play.