Vote for your favorite meal

Want a say in the Dining Hall Meals? Here is your chance, vote for your favorite meal, and the meal will be served on November 5th.

Okay, so we have our four options for lunch after consulting with Chef Dave. We would love for you to vote and pick your favorite meal of the month. The options sound so good so please make sure you pick a selection. Remember, day students and boarders can vote if they would like. The voting has to be in by Friday, October 29, 2021 for the meal on November 5.

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Dining Hall Poll


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Update 10/26/2021 @ 10:15 AM

After seeing the votes on the DiRectory, the one with the most votes so far has been the nacho bar. There were 90% of people who picked the nacho bar at the time of this writing, Tuesday morning. Here is what one voter, Halliway W., had to say about her choice, “I want soup because in the winter when it’s cold the soup will warm me up and it will make me happy.” There is still more time to vote. Remember the vote has the be in by Friday, October 28, 2021. Three more days to vote, so make it count.