New gear, better discounts, and a chinchilla…?

Read more to know when to visit the school store, and what great clothes await you inside!

There has been a rumor of new things in the school store. Well, the rumors are true! After learning special insider information, the newspaper went to interview the head of the school store, Ms. Richardson.

New things in the school store
Ms. Richardson shares that new tie-dye hoodies, more polo shirts, quarter zips, vests “and other surprises” will be arriving at the school store soon. Also, there are some special 20% deals. There will be a new 20% deal every two weeks! Hats and water bottles will be 20% off until the 20th of October – so hurry there!

What time is the school store open?
The school store is open from 9:00-10:30 AM and 1:30-3:00 PM. So if you’re looking to buy a new quarter-zip or to see the new deals, go at these times.

How do I get the money for my account?
To get money in your account, ask your parents to set up your allowance, or ask Ms. Richardson if she can email your parents and ask them to set up your allowance.

All About Ms. Richardson
Ms. Richardson is the head of the school store, and there are many interesting things about her! Did you know that she has a beagle named Charlie, two cats, two rabbits, three goldfish, two frogs, and a chinchilla? Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite holiday is Easter. Her favorite cheese is swiss because “when it melts it still has holes in it.” Her previous job was at a nursing home but she decided she wanted to change things up and interviewed for a job at the school store (she got the job.) She has three children and one of them goes to Rectory School (Maya D.)!

What do people want to see in the school store?
After interviewing some students, some of the popular requests for new things in their school store include pillows, snacks, bracelets, and blankets. (Cheese was also suggested but the editors put their foot down).