Ms. Sharpless

Get to know Ms. Sharpless, the newest member of the Rectory Faculty.


Jacob G.

Ms. Sharpless

This year, a great woman named Ms. Sharpless came to Rectory School to be a dorm parent. Ms. Sharpless is a wonderful dorm parent in Upper Dining. She is so polite and honest to people. The newspaper wants to welcome Ms. Sharpless to campus by asking her a few questions so the community can get to know her. Ms. Sharpless says that she loves the school campus because it is so beautiful and pretty. She likes to stay on campus with the lovely students and people. The Rectory School’s students are very nice and very kind. Every time, when they pass, they always say, “hi” to Ms. Sharpless. This environment holds the students in a very good mood and it also gives Ms. Sharpless a good impression. She said that I want to make Rectory School part of her family because her sister graduated from here. “Being in the dorm is awesome because it is nice to see everyone and meet new people, she also enjoys talking to other people and making friends.” In the future, Ms. Sharpless wants to help in Elementary School, her favorite job is to be a reading teacher. She likes to see children coming to the class and say, “Good morning” to her.

English is not the first language that she learned. The first language is Creole, which is from Haiti.”

Ms. Sharpless is the biggest chicken fan in the world, she would love to eat chicken if she had it, she would enjoy it so much. This year, she is planning to pass her exam in Elementary School. Being a teacher, she hopes she will achieve her wish. She has one cat and two dogs, that is a lot!!! She also shared that English is not the first language that she learned. The first language is Creole, which is from Haiti. Haiti is very hot, there isn’t any snow, when the locals get up it is very cold, but the next day, there isn’t any snow on the ground.

Soccer is her favorite sport in the world. She is good at soccer, and she loves watching others skiing, and those two are the best sports ever!!! Ms. Sharpless can bake a lot of food, like sweets, bread, and pizza. She always makes herself a pizza when she has free time. Mrs. Sharpless is so talented and she knows everything.