Online to In Person Learning


Jenny C.

Jennie’s online IIP class with Mrs. Sangiolo

Last year was hard for most of the students online. The screen was like a wall that made it hard for students to build relationships with one another. Even though a lot of students were in class together last year, they didn’t talk to each other at all. They just typed on the screen, or sent messages to each other.

Fortunately, after spending a whole year online, students finally came to campus in-person. For me, I actually felt quite awkward when seeing someone in person that I used to see online. Not only was it awkward to meet with some classmates, but it also felt quite strange meeting with some teachers. This strange feeling may be due to the sudden transition from online to in-person.

I have a friend who is in the eighth grade, and she shared her experience of her first day of school. “At first I was not feeling comfortable with the schedule for the school days, since it’s a lot different than it was for the online class. The first day of the class was tough, I was rushing from one floor to another, one classroom to another. I was confused with the location of some of my classes since I’d never come to the campus in person before. Luckily, the teachers and students here are all friendly, and they even helped me to go to the right classroom. With their help, I’m able to enter the right classroom.”

On the other hand, the style of learning has also changed with students coming to the campus in person. Take me as an example. I had online classes throughout last year. I took down notes on the google doc, and had the whole morning and afternoon to do the homework since I was staying at home. Last year, I was able to listen to music while doing the homework and finished my homework slowly. But this year is different, I only have time to do my homework after sports, during the study hall, or, unfortunately, use the tech time to finish the homework. Due to the new schedule, I changed the way that I finish homework in order to finish all of it on time. I started to do my homework at a faster speed than I used to and immediately send an email to my teachers if I had any questions.

Students Online
Online zoom class

In my opinion, life on campus is much busier than life staying at home. Even though we don’t get to rest for a long period of time every day, I have adapted to the schedule right now, and every day here becomes fulfilling. I get to do sports every day, talk to my friends during break time, and there are plenty of opportunities for me to share my opinions during class discussions. There are a lot of good memories every day. For example, after studying for the whole day, we get to participate in the sports that we chose by ourselves. I choose soccer and I get to cooperate with my teammates and practice soccer skills during the sports period. It not only brings excitement to my everyday life, but also helps me to make friends with those people who also joined the soccer team. To put it in a nutshell, everyone’s daily schedule is filled with entertainment, and every day is meaningful.