The Ukuleles are Back!

Mrs. Weigel: Hater Of Goat Cheese-Lover Of Ukuleles

The ukuleles are back this year, along with many unanswered questions. Why did Recory choose the ukulele? Where did the ukuleles come from? Well, after an exclusive interview with Mrs. Weigel, some of those burning questions may finally be answered.
Mrs. Weigel chose the ukulele because she said that she “didn’t just want music to go away.” It was the best option this year due to covid. There were only two other options that worked well with covid: The piano (imagine having 30 pianos), the guitar (too expensive), and the ukulele (which was just right ). “Also it’s small and cute. Like me” says Mrs.Weigel. When we asked Mrs.Weigel what instrument she would have us play if she could pick any instrument, she said “If I had to choose any instrument for everyone to learn, it would be the Otamatone.” If you don’t know what that is, check out the video!
This year, the ukulele class has fifteen brand new acoustic ukuleles for the school. The fifteen ukuleles were generously donated by Ryan Kim’s father, who owns his own music shop.
If you are going to learn ukulele with Mrs.Weigel, you’re going to need to get to know her, so here are some fun facts. First of all, Mrs.Weigel HATES goat cheese. And speaking of cheese, Mrs. Weigel loves EXTRA SHARP cheddar cheese. Mrs. Weigel loves sudoku puzzles, pilot friction pens, and crochet. Mrs. Weigel’s favorite color is mint green, and her favorite ingredient in Chinese food is peanuts.
It’s so great to hear music in the Tang Center again! We hope to see you at the upcoming performance on October 15th at the Rectory’s Tang center!