First Friday!


Mrs. Richardson

Girls waiting for cotton candy

The First First Friday!

Students and staff from Rectory at the Seaward Family Pavilion were celebrating the first First Friday of the year and the month. There were 2 bounce house structures, open fields, courts, and delicious food cooked by Chef Dave and his crew.
One of the biggest main attractions was the jousting pit, as soon as the bounce houses were all blown up students were already taking their shoes off. It was certainly fun to watch because you didn’t know who was going to win. Another big bounce house structure was the bungee run. Students would start by putting a vest attached to a bungee cord, then run as far as the bungee cord let them and attach a velcro handle to the structure. It was funny to watch students fling back as they attached their velcro handle.
Chef Dave and his crew certainly made a delicious meal which included a hamburger or cheeseburger, salad, doritos, and a drink of your choice. It was a delicious meal for a great cookout.
Ms. O’Neil schedules and organizes First Fridays; she says that she has realized that it “brings the whole community as one on Friday nights”. The history behind First Friday is very important; day students from past years said they wish they could be on campus more for First Fridays. The staff members made that happen, and First Friday is even more than we imagined now.

Student Maya R. states “My favorite bounce house was the jousting pit structure.” I think everyone really liked that. It took a lot of energy but the feeling of victory after knocking that last person off was completely worth it. I asked her what she would want to see next Friday. She said, “karaoke would be exciting.” I think it would be very fun to sing songs in front of a crowd and laugh about it!
Some people may have not realized how important First Friday is to the staff and students of The Rectory, but it can make a big impact on making new friends and bringing The Rectory community closer.