The Axe In the Stump


You know that story about that kid who found a sword in the stone and pulled it out because he was worthy? Well, this is going to sound weird, but something similar just happened to me…?

I know what you’re thinking. “There’s no way, that’s just a fairytale.” Well, yes, but I never said it was a sword, or a stone, or that you even had to be worthy to hold it. Let me explain first, I know it’s confusing but it will all make sense in a moment, don’t worry.

So, here’s what happened: We were hiking, I saw a random stump with some vines and poison ivy all over it, normal, right? Think again. There was also an axe. Just a plain axe, nothing special, it just looked a bit old.

“Dude I’m getting sword in the stone vibes from this” that’s Bryce, a friend of mine. “Shut up Bryce, that story is so fake.” That’s me, but Bryce was right, it was sword in the stone vibes. In fact, it was basically sword in the stone, but it’s an axe, in a tree stump, that you don’t need to be worthy to hold.

Of course you have to be worthy for something, just not picking it up. No, you have to be worthy to use the axe, well, the axe’s powers anyway. Yes, it’s a magic axe, sounds dumb, but it’s true.

Yes, it’s a magic axe”

Anyway, back to the story. I took the axe out of the stump “Oh wow look, I’m so worthy” I was mocking Bryce by saying this, he just rolled his eyes and said we should go home. So we go home, with the axe, nothing bad could happen, right? Wrong. We got home, went up to my room and put the axe on my desk to get a better look at it, then we noticed the words. It must have been some ancient Greek or something because it just looked like someone scribbled some marks on it.

“What does it say?”
“How should I know, I don’t speak scribble?” I said confused.

“I think it’s Greek or something?”
“Totally sword in the stone vibes.”
“The story is fake Bryce.”
Bryce must have been annoyed “I said it gave the same vibe, didn’t say it was real!”
We tried looking up what it said, but Google failed miserably. I don’t even know what it said, it was complete gibberish. Then my mom was calling us downstairs. “We’ll figure it out later, I think dinner’s ready.” We had dinner, I won’t bore you with the details. We went upstairs to find the axe glowing purple. I guess it wasn’t normal after all huh? And now you’re all caught up.

“What the-?” I was shocked.
“I don’t know dude.” Bryce seemed speechless for once.

How are we so calm right now? No idea, maybe it’s from shock.

“Told you so, sword in the stone vibes.”
“Really Bryce?”

Well, Bryce was right, I have no idea what to do, and there’s a magic axe in my house. Next thing I know, the axe stops glowing, and the Greek translates into English “Come find us”.

“Who’s us??”
I was getting annoyed “How should I know? You’re the one obsessed with myths!”
“So I should know everything?” Bryce responded
“I never said that.”
“You kinda did.”

Now we have a quest I guess, let’s hope we survive. But we haven’t started yet, and I want to get rid of the axe.

“We have to put this thing back Bryce.”
“What? No way dude, what if it’s like- I dunno destiny or something?”
“Am not.”
“We’re not going on a quest, it could be a death wish.”
“Oh come on dude, it’ll be cool!”
“What will I tell mom? ‘Hey my axe is magical and I have to go on a quest now?’ she’ll think I’ve gone nuts, no way.”
“We’re not going Bryce.”
“If you don’t I will.”
“What if you’re not ‘worthy’ to use the axe?” I mocked him
“What if we’re both worthy?”
“But what do I tell mom”
“Say it’s a school trip?” Bryce was smart for once.
“Fine, but if I die I’m gonna kill you.”

Yup, I’m doing this. Wish me luck?