Rectory’s First Cross Country Race

September 17, 2021 was a Friday. Shiny leaves danced in a breeze, making the early-evening cool and melodious to welcome Rectory’s first cross country race in the semester — which was also the first time runners got to compete with another school after covid. The route was about 1.8 miles, and it went through the soccer field, the maintenance building, tennis courts, and finished in front of Mr. Long’s house.

The meet happened after the academic day was done, and the runners competed against Bancroft School. Not everyone in Rectory’s cross country team raced because of covid safety protocols, but the 16 best runners were involved, and the coaches also gave them some useful advice. According to Mr. Klett, how long it took each individual to finish the cross country route was measured, and they were given specific strategies: “Runners only have so much energy total, so they need to use the energy properly. They can start low in the first half of the route to conserve energy, and then, when the competitors become tired, there’s still energy left for them so that they can have a greater speed.”

Another interesting strategy was to say “No” when being very tired. Mr. Finnegan told the team that when a person could still say “No” out loudly, that person still had 80% of the energy in his/her body. The brain may be telling you to stop, but that doesn’t mean your body can not run anymore. Shout-out “NO!”s could be heard all over the route.

The runners were not the only ones who were enthusiastic. Every time the runners passed the place where the audience and coaches were, there were noisy (in a good way) cheerings almost filled up the whole universe.


first place Martin L. went to a time of 11:52, and the top six were all Rectory runners.”

Rectory won at last, the first place Martin L. went to a time of 11:52, and the top six were all Rectory runners. The runners’ hard work and good scores were not the only notable things, the friendly atmosphere surrounding the competition was also impressive. Before the meet started, the coaches emphasized that everyone should be respectful to the competitors. The competition was held because people wanted to see who was better and to have a fun race, so the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. Rectory did achieve this goal — there was plenty of cheering at the finish line. Whoever finished the run was praised and congratulated, no matter which school that person was from.

Will anybody beat Martin in a race this year?


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