Annual Ninth Grade vs. Faculty Soccer Game

[Editor’s Note: Although there is some debate as to when this annual soccer game tradition started at Rectory School, we have confirmation from one administrator that it’s been happening at least as long as he’s been at Rectory, which is six years. Thus, we know that this tradition has been alive at Rectory at least since the 2015/2016 school year. If you know for certain that the “Faculty vs. Ninth Grade Soccer Game” happened before the 15/16 school year, please send us your evidence in a comment at the end of this article. Thank you!]


Monday, May 24th, was a special day for the class of 2021 at Rectory. The annual “Ninth Grade vs. Faculty Soccer Game” was held on the girls’ lacrosse field during the regular sports time, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, with no breaks or stopping. After all the hard work of playing for one hour and thirty minutes, the score was: Ninth Grade 3 and the Faculty 9 — a clear win for the faculty team. Although the faculty team had only fourteen players, compared to twenty-one players for the student team, there was endless energy shown on the field by both teams. 

The competition started with Stanely Z. from the student team scoring the first goal, but the faculty team then scored three consecutive goals made, in the following order, by Mr. Smith, Mr. Richards, and Mr. Vollinger. Shortly after, Eric M. brought a brief comeback to the student team with their second goal. However, that goal was again outnumbered by five more points in a row going on the faculty team’s side of the scoreboard. This time the faculty scorers were Mr. Smith, Mr. Richards, Mr. Smith again, assisted by Ms. Dionne, and two succeeding goals by Mr. Campbell. The exciting game ended with Eric M. scoring a third goal for the student team, which brought the final score to: Ninth Grade – 3, Faculty – 9. 

Instead of a traditional fierce competition between rival teams, this annual “Ninth Grade vs. Faculty Soccer Game” is an opportunity for both students and faculty to enjoy their last few days of the 2020-2021 school year together. Over the years, this Rectory tradition, along with the “Ninth Grade vs. Faculty Softball Game,” has become a way to honor the students’ memories of their earlier years at Rectory. For most of the ninth graders, who had watched this soccer game in the past, but who were now playing in the game, this marked their transition from young middle schoolers to responsible young adults. 


As you can see from the photos, this year’s game, no different from those of previous years, was a great game with good sportsmanship, positivity from both teams, and a strong sense of community. Although this year’s game has ended, do you think the ninth graders from the Class of 2022 can beat the faculty team at next year’s soccer match? We’ll have to wait and see!