The Kellogg Award: Meet the Two 2021 Winners


Photo by Mrs. Megan Bard of Rectory's Communications Dept.

Headmaster, Mr. Williams, presenting the Kellogg Award to the two 2021 recipients, Mrs. Lisa Hart and Ms. Meghan Fluckiger.

A special award announced in a special way in a special year. On March 3rd, 2021, via Zoom, Rectory announced the 54th and 55th winners of the Kellogg Award, Mrs. Lisa Hart and Ms. Meghan Fluckiger, in honor of their dedication to the Rectory community. Despite the COVID-restrictions, all 9th graders were welcomed to the Tang center around 8:20 AM to attend this ceremony in person. These students stayed socially distant in the Tang occupying every other row and with two seats between each person. Mr. Williams, the presenter, spoke on the stage directly in front of all the 9th graders, as well as in front of a camera that projected his words to the whole community. While both recipients listened to this ceremony online, they were “pinned” when awarded for the whole school to acknowledge their contributions. 

Since its establishment in 1993, the Kellogg Award recognizes two Rectory employees (faculty, administrators, and all other staff members are eligible) each year in honor of the mother of Rectory alumnus Peter Kellogg ’57, Mrs. James Crane Kellogg III. This year, as the centennial year, although Rectory was not able to host this award in person, the internet connected the spirits of the members of our Rectory community despite the physical distances between us. 

The video below is a seventeen-minute interview that The DiRectory conducted with one of the winners, Mrs. Lisa Hart, Director of Academics and Math Department Team Leader, shortly after she received the award.


Following is the transcript of the interview The DiRectory had with this year’s other Kellogg Award winner, Ms. Meghan Fluckiger. Ms. Fluckiger is the fifth-grade teacher at Rectory, and, as such, she teaches English, math, and history to all our fifth-grade students as they transition to the middle school.

“Now that it’s been a few weeks since winning the Kellogg Award, I have been able to reflect and watch the replay of the awards ceremony. As soon as Mr. Williams called my name, my students began cheering loudly and I was greeted by Mrs. Zahansky (and the fourth-grade class), Mrs. Carpenter, Ms. Euglow, and Ms. Dena with big hugs. Not only was I given this award in front of the school, but my family was in attendance via Zoom and began calling and texting me with ‘Congratulations’ and praise.  It was a moment I will never forget!

Working at Rectory has allowed me the ability to grow, not only as an educator, but as an individual, as well. Throughout my eleven years at Rectory, I have gained a wealth of knowledge through professional development opportunities. The most memorable conference I attended was the “Learning and the Brain Conference” I attended during the summer of 2018 with Mr. Williams, Mr. Ames, Mrs. Billiard, and Mrs. Hart in Santa Barbara, California. We attended morning professional development sessions, and the afternoons were filled with many fun adventures planned by Mr. Williams. Not only did I hike Rattlesnake Canyon, – I am terrified of snakes- but I also took a surfing lesson with Mr. Williams and Mr. Ames. It was very challenging! My coworkers are my extended family and they have watched me grow from a young adult fresh out of college, to the experienced educator I am today. I am thankful for their support through all of my highs and lows, and Rectory will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Working with students from all over the world has been my favorite part of working at Rectory. Learning about other cultures through the students’ eyes and experiences has been one of the most memorable opportunities for me. In addition, I have created lasting relationships with students and have stayed connected with former students throughout the years. Seeing them enroll in college, begin their careers, and even start their families is something I will hold dear to my heart. 

There are a few people who have played key roles in my development throughout my eleven years. I remember stepping onto campus for the first time after Ms. Colleen O’Neil told me about a learning specialist position that needed to be filled in January of 2010. I had interviewed with Mr. Ames and Mrs. Levesque, and I vividly remember speaking with Mr. Ames – he had me laughing from the moment I met him! Mr. Ames has played an important role in my development as an educator, as he has believed in me and has helped guide me to be a better teacher. In addition, Mrs. Zahansky has been a huge support for me as a classroom teacher. We have worked hard to make the transition from fourth to fifth grade (elementary to middle school) as smooth as possible for our students. Working with her has allowed me to learn more about myself as an educator and take advice from someone who is passionate about students’ learning experiences. I admire Mrs. Zahansky and will always look up to her and value her feedback and advice.”


As you can see from viewing Mrs. Hart’s video interview and from reading Ms. Fluckiger’s interview transcript, Rectory chooses the Kellogg Award recipients very carefully. The winners are always professional educators and staff members who are dedicated to the continual enrichment of our students and our community as a whole. Congratulations to Mrs. Hart and Ms. Fluckiger in recognition of their caring and committed service to Rectory!