The Hill We Climb—Shanghai

Recently, Mrs. Sangiolo, Jennie’s learning specialist at Rectory, found a writing lesson on the ESL Library site. The lesson objective was to use the title of Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The Hill We Climb,” to write your own poem about freedom, democracy, equality, or any other major challenge that people in your community or country face. Jennie wrote about the city where she lives in China, Shanghai. Below is her original poem.

The Hill We Climb—Shanghai

In this big city,

People care about work’s velocity.

Some people dream to be rich,

They might not even spend the time to eat lunch.

A lot of people want to sit in a Lamborghini,

And dress in Gucci.

Being rich

Has put a lot of pressure

In this city.

To be honest,

Shanghai is a competitive city

And no one will show pity.

The only way to climb the hill,

Made by money,

Is to study.

(Written by Jennie C.)