Dream Promenade

Gently, and gradually, Myron woke up. Opening her eyes, she saw nothing. There was no difference whether she opened her eyes or not; the plain and silent darkness filled her vision. Myron tried to touch something to help her stand up. She stretched out her legs and arms, but could only feel the nothingness of the air. Her head was groggy, which was probably the reason she was somewhat calm versus frightful.

She slowly raised one hand rubbing her head. As soon as she stood up, the dizziness in her mind settled and disappeared like a soft breeze of wind seemingly in the distance. But fear did surround her. “Where am I?” Her body was shaking out of control; the darkness was like a giant monster that forced her down, making it hard to breathe. “Ah, ah, ah…!” she shouted. “Anyone here?” No one responded. The only thing she heard was the echo of her own words. “Anyone here… one here… here?” 

Myron was overwhelmed. When a person is exceptionally terrified, she actually becomes fearless in the magnitude of that panic. She started to walk a few steps and, after a while, started to run. Running and running, it felt like a century passed. The only companionship Myron got was — silence. She could not even hear her footsteps. Suddenly, she fell. Nothing was more acute to a human being than the pain of falling and seeing blood. She felt her chin, and it was bleeding. With a terrifying feeling, Myron broke down and cried. “I want to go home…What the heck is this place?!!!” 

Then, looming in the silence, Myron heard what seemed to be soft, inviting music. The sound was magical and gradually calmed Myron’s tight tension. “Follow my lead and close your eyes, darling.” The music started to speak. It was so gentle and irresistible. Myron followed the sound’s direction, slowly, walking step-by-step. “There is nothing to worry about. Trust yourself, and be calm…” The sound led Myron further away. Not aware of how long it took, the guiding voice stopped. Myron felt that a bright light was in front of her, but she was afraid to open her eyes. 

“Sweetheart, open your eyes.” It was the same voice, but this time, it no longer felt far away. It was loud and clear and seemed like it was just in front of her. Gradually, Myron opened her eyes without any discomfort from the seemingly eternal darkness. A beautiful woman was standing there. Her skin was vibrant, and her smile was touching. Myron thought she looked just like…like the Virgin Mary.

“Are you the Virgin Mary?” Myron asked with surprise. 

The woman did not respond. She just kept smiling, and then bent down to kiss Myron’s chin. Myron was struck with a comforting truth and stood there for a long time. She felt tired and fell asleep. “Sweet dreams.” These were the last words she heard before losing consciousness.