How to Stay Successful During the COVID-19 Crisis


The COVID-19 crisis came without foreshadowing. For everyone, it messed up our schedule. There’s less work, there are less activities, there’s just nothing to do all day. So many of us choose to put ourselves in front of the screen all day, hoping Netflix, YouTube, and video games can fill our empty days. However, I think that we shouldn’t spend all of our time on our technology, and whoever is reading this article, you will probably agree with me. So, here are several tips on how to take advantage of this special time period.  


Nowadays, everyone is saying, “Stay active,” but what does it really mean? For me, it is about paying attention to the world around me and finding what I love about it. There is beauty everywhere in life; we just need a pair of eyes to discover it. Here’s what I do during my free time. 

Just go out for a run!

In my free time, I sometimes go out for a run with Mr. Long. Sometimes 3K, sometimes 5K. It’s not only exercise. After I finish every run, I feel a lot better; I feel a sense of accomplishment. You can also time yourself because seeing even the slightest progress can light up your day. Challenge yourself with a run every day. Believe me; it certainly makes you feel better. 

Go out and take some photos

Go out and take some pictures with your phone or camera. Photography is very dynamic. No matter where you are, you can take many great pictures. A unique photo doesn’t require much: a focus, a light, and a theme. Nobody is born with the talent to take photos; it requires practice, just like everything else. Once you capture your first great photo, the happiness you feel is special and memorable. So go out, enjoy some sunshine, and practice your photography skills. 

Try to cook a meal

On campus, we are so lucky that Mr. Williams invites us to cook at his house. We have little to no experience in the kitchen, but every time, our dishes come out unexpectedly delicious. I am not just saying this because I am one of the “chefs.” The food is truly excellent. These experiences tell us that if we are open to new opportunities, nothing is impossible. There’s no right or wrong when you are cooking a dish, and it is not as hard as you think it is. It’s okay to make mistakes; that’s how we learn, isn’t it? So next time, try and cook your favorite dish, and if it is your first time in the kitchen, just follow a recipe and have someone else there to help you. 


Reading is never bad for you, especially now with all the time you have. Read some books; it surely does make you think a lot more than staring at videos. Then after you finish a book, write a book review. For me, I just like to write about what I read. I write about the plot of the book, and I do some research to make sure what I am thinking is correct. Then I explore the plot and the theme of the book. This practice of writing really helps me to remember the lessons in the story.  

In addition to book reviews, I often find myself free writing. Writing is not only useful in school, I always find it useful in life, as well. No one is a good writer unless he practices. If you have free time, why not just pick up your pen and paper (or keyboard) and write. It doesn’t have to be 1,000 words; it can be short, and you can write about whatever you’d like. After a lot of practice, you will certainly see improvements in your work, whether it’s the vocabulary you choose, the structure of your article, or even the word count. If you have nothing on your mind to write about, then look around you, focus on details that you never paid attention to before. Because writing is simply portraying the world around you, but with words. 


When people hear goals and plans, they often refer to (boring) parent lectures. But, after I read a book by Zhang Meng, I started to try several methods suggested in that book. I began to set monthly goals and weekly goals. I would create a daily plan each evening of the goals I wanted to accomplish the next day. Just as the old saying tells us, a habit can be established by continuing it for 21 days. After I practiced this, I found that it is true. So, if you want to establish a good habit, put it in your daily goals, and record the number of days you have done it. After 21 days, if you are still doing it, then buy yourself a little present for your hard work. If you miss one day, don’t be frustrated and give up; it’s okay to forget sometimes. As long as you have succeeded for 80% or more of the days you set out to do your new habit, your goal is still achieved. 

Record your day

I would record my day. Once I put my data into my computer, the result was surprising. Since I knew that I was recording my day, I forced myself to be more productive than usual. However, when computers calculated the percentage of time that I spent studying and the time I spent relaxing, the numbers were very shocking to me. If you don’t set goals and record your day, a whole day might pass before you know it. Therefore, it is very important for you to self-monitor your day. If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself. 



I believe no matter where you are, there should be a library somewhere near you. Use that resource! During the times at school, it is easy to find a book I want to read in Rectory’s library. Don’t think that your library won’t have the book you want; if I can find a book with ease in a library the size of our school’s library, then you can find anything in those huge public libraries. Next time, if you want to read a book, you might as well try to find it in the library near you. 


Nowadays, people often forget that the internet is a very useful resource. Knowledge from thousands of years of human history is all there in front of us, on a small screen. Of course, the internet has many other uses outside of studying, but, if you are really determined, the resources you can find on your computer are infinite. For example, speaking of YouTube, many people often think about entertainment. Yes, YouTube was built to be an entertainment platform. However, I also find numerous channels on YouTube for studying. I find people explaining famous physics mechanics, channels explaining science in everyday life, and even lectures about nature. I am not saying that other videos on YouTube are bad, I just want to stress that you shouldn’t be addicted to them. Next time you go on YouTube, maybe think about how the videos you are watching can benefit you. 


What’s your hobby? What do you love to do? What brings you happiness? What do you want to do for your career? These questions might seem like another set of parent TED-talks. But I believe that they are very important to think about. If you want to be successful, then you have to find what you really love first, and then work really hard at it. Genius is 10% talent and 90% effort. 

Practice, practice, practice

No matter what you are doing, studying, writing, or playing games, if you want to master it, you will have to practice it, a lot. I think most people out there will agree with me, too. No one is born perfect, we all have to practice to get better; this is one of the truths that will never change in life. For example, when I practice my clarinet regularly, I really benefit from it. When I first started playing the clarinet, I was horrible, like most beginners. I also didn’t practice a lot. Therefore, as you can guess, my progress wasn’t very promising. However, after I added practice to my daily goals, I started playing the clarinet in my room every day. Then I improved much faster, and I am very happy about it. To master something isn’t easy; it requires determination and a lot of effort.  If you truly love something, use all the free time you have to practice it; it is never too late to start. 

This current time in our lives is especially a test for all of us. It not only requires us to work in a totally different way, but it also challenges us to keep on moving and to use our extra time well. Of course, these suggestions that I’ve shared here are only my opinions; there are many more ways to succeed. What really matters is your mindset. If you want to succeed, then you can do well at anything, even without these tips. 

Keep Fighting!

Work Hard!