Editor’s Message 2020/2021

This school year, 2020/2021, is the eighth year that The DiRectory has been an “online-only” publication. Had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, this school year also would have been the sixth year that the Newspaper has been a school-wide elective, when our staff of student reporters and faculty advisors would meet as a group twice a week to develop their news articles and videos. For five consecutive years, Mrs. Ginger Kellaway has been a trusted Newspaper Associate who has worked with me and our student reporters during our elective time. Mrs. Kellaway was the seventh-grade English teacher at Rectory for many years, and she is now a full-time Rectory tutor. As such, she is a wealth of information about writing and current events, and she has the “magical knack” of helping our reporters get their thoughts and ideas down on paper in order to shape their writing into newspaper articles. This school year is also the second year that I have had an Assistant Editor, Mrs. Jen Hague, who has helped our reporters (and me!) revise and edit their news stories so that we can get their articles published more efficiently. I, personally, want to thank both Mrs. Kellaway and Mrs. Hague for their valuable contributions to The DiRectory and the work involved in maintaining a middle-school student newspaper.

The spring term of the 2019/2020 school year underscored the value of having an online newspaper. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into “distance learning,” but because our newspaper is online, we were still able to accept, edit, and publish articles from our talented Rectory students who are located all over the world!

During the fall and winter terms of this current school year, 2020/2021, our students have been learning through a hybrid model, with some students on campus and some learning remotely from home. We have published a variety of articles by both online and on-campus students, including the following: a series of creative stories about a close-knit wolf family; an article about the student council election and the first-ever virtual candidates’ speeches; a personal, self-illustrated narrative story about living through the pandemic in 2020; an article about a day in the life of a student from China who is attending Rectory remotely due to the global virus; several articles reviewing books and movies of interest to Rectory students; and articles about new Rectory faculty members and their pets. We are proud that The DiRectory’s student reporters have continued to inform us about the wonderful activities our students have participated in both on the Rectory campus and online, to highlight student interests, and to showcase our students’ writing and drawing skills — wherever they may be!

So grab your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy reading about the interests and reflections of our students. We hope you will find some hope and inspiration from the unwavering spirits of our Rectory students to help you carry on through this difficult time in history!