A New Food With a Better Footprint

I have been a vegetarian since the age of three. This is a personal preference. I am always looking for new foods to add to my vegetarian diet. My family is also from Finland, and last week when I was watching CNN10, a story about a company in Finland called Solar Foods caught my attention. They produce a protein-filled food called Solein®

Solein® is made by applying hydrogen to electricity and water by taking carbon dioxide from the air. It is an air-based flour that can be used like any other flour. Amazingly it is also an air-based meat substitute!

The production of Solein® has a zero carbon footprint and is made by solar power and renewable energy. The way it is made is very similar to how breweries make fermented brews. This new food will be going to space in 2021. NASA will be using it because of its cost-efficiency. It will cost $5 to $6 per kilogram of 100 % protein. 

Also in 2021, Solar Foods hopes to have Solein® on the market and to sell millions of meals. However, in order for that to happen, first, it has to scale up its production from a pilot plant process to full commercial production. In addition, Solein® will need regulatory approval (for example, by the FDA in the U.S.) before it can be consumed by humans. 

I find this product very interesting, especially as a vegetarian because it is different than any other food that is available now. With so many of us caring about our health and being more conscious of where our food is coming from, I feel like Solein®  is a revolutionary product. Hopefully, its health benefits will become more popular and widespread.

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