CARe Fundraiser to Help Animals Caught in Australia’s Wildfires


Photo by Bob D.

Ms. Mann, teacher in Rectory's CARe program, with her students who are collecting funds to help save Australia's animals.

The recent forest fires in Australia have been eye-catching events in the news. More than 16 million acres, including vast areas of populated regions, have gone up in flames, which has caused uncountable casualties and economic losses. In addition, many animals are suffering from these wildfires and from lack of water. For example, dunnarts, a kind of mouse-sized animal, arguably the most special mammal on Australia’s Kangaroo Island, are on the verge of extinction ( Many of Australia’s animals are not found in any other parts of the world, which makes it even more vital that we try to save them.

Concerned about Australia’s animals and forests, Rectory’s adorable young students in the CARe (Children at Rectory) daycare program decided to join with the many activists around the world by taking the initiative to raise funds to help these unique animals. As Ms. Mann, a teacher in the CARe program, said, “This fundraising was Kate D.’s idea, one of our students. One day, she came to school very upset about the koalas in Australia losing their habitats because of the fires. Her compassion boosted the other children’s concern.” 

Ms. Mann said that this time the means of fundraising would be very simple, due to the urgency of the situation. The children are also very worried about the animals’ predicament, so they want to help them as soon as possible. For this reason, instead of holding a bake sale or selling products such as art, which they have done in the past, the CARe students decided to simply ask the Rectory community to donate money, which will be sent to the World Wildlife Fund and then forwarded to Australia. Director of the CARe program, Mrs. Hayden, said, “We welcome donations big and small, in the form of cash or a personal check made out to Children at Rectory. Donations will be accepted through February 7, 2020.”

Ms. Mann also looked at the long-term learning that can come from this fundraising effort. “The awareness of nature and environmental problems, though an abstract concept for young children, could be nurtured at a rudimentary level through activities such as this fundraiser.” Informing the children of the reasons behind the fundraising program will not only make them aware of the increased focus on environmental concerns in today’s society, but also teach them to cherish and value all living creatures on earth. These children are the future stewards of our earth, so it’s never too early to teach them how to care for their planet.