Mr. Guertin Emerges from the Dorm

Mr. Guertin, dorm parent and Admissions Associate at Rectory.

Mr. Guertin, dorm parent and Admissions Associate at Rectory.

Have you seen Mr. Guertin more throughout your day this year than you used to? The reason is in addition to being a dorm parent, he is now also a new Admissions Associate at Rectory. He recently told me that he “really likes to talk to parents and potential students to see what they might be looking forward to in a place such as Rectory.” He also said, “Kids are a lot of fun, so I wanted to become more involved once I was done with college.” Mr. Guertin attended Eastern Connecticut State University and majored in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in digital art and design. Wow!

Before moving into his new position in Admissions, he was (and still is) a dorm parent on Lower DGB for two years. He continues to love being in the dorm and how the kids get along with each other and share interests and each other’s company. Also living on the dorm is his dog Luna, a golden retriever (see photo below). She loves dorm life too, running up and down the halls, playing tug of war with the students. She is like the assistant dorm parent. Mr. Guertin says he really loves being on campus with all of its daily energy.

Mr. Guertin’s golden retriever, Luna.

One of Mr. Guertin’s important lessons to new students is that even though change may be hard, you can feel supported and confident to accomplish great things here at Rectory School. Congratulations to Mr. Guertin in his new role as Admissions Associate!