Welcome, Ms. Miller and Lucy!


Photo by Julia Z.

Rectory’s new IIP tutor, Ms. Miller, with her therapy dog, Lucy.

This year (2019-2020), Rectory School welcomed a new faculty member, Ms. Miller, and her beloved dog, Lucy. Ms. Miller, who has been a teacher for the past twelve years, learned about Rectory from our school’s website. She was especially curious to learn about our Individual Instruction Program or IIP, and how she could be involved in our residential life program. Ms. Miller is thrilled to be here. 

As a tutor in our learning center, Ms. Miller is a special member of the IIP department. Although she has been a teacher for a good portion of her life, she went back to graduate school after teaching for a few years and got a Master’s degree in working with students who have dyslexia. Before arriving at Rectory, she served in a variety of jobs. Ms. Miller was a kindergarten/first-grade teacher and had her own tutoring and consulting business. More surprisingly, Ms. Miller has also worked as a manager in a restaurant in Washington, D.C.,  and for an investment and realty company which bought and fixed up houses. Still, even after all of these years of different job experiences, Ms. Miller came to Rectory because of her knowledge of students who learn differently and her interest in helping them, which has also been a tradition at Rectory School. 

Photo by Julia Z.
Lucy loves being with the students in the learning center, and students feel more calm and happy when she is around.

Ms. Miller wasn’t the only one who arrived at Rectory School this fall. Lucy, Ms. Miller’s Goldendoodle, a therapy dog, came with her. She has been trained to provide emotional support. Although it is still early in the school year, Lucy has already settled in and done her job assisting students in the learning center. 

Interestingly enough Lucy was not born as a therapy dog. Years ago, one of Ms. Miller’s friends, a dog breeder, was having puppies (one of her dogs, that is). Coincidentally, this is what Ms. Miller had always wanted to do, but she did not have enough time for it. When she heard the news, she went to see the puppies, and she ended up taking little Lucy home. Ms. Miller worked with a therapy dog trainer, fostered Lucy during the training period, and eventually shaped Lucy into a therapy dog. 

Rectory School is incredibly fortunate to have this friendly and compassionate duo in our Rectory Community. Welcome, Ms. Miller and Lucy!