Rectory Tutor and Her Canine Companion Bring Joy to the Learning Center


Photo by Beatrix D.

Mrs. Romero with her new puppy, Delilah.

Last year (2018-19), Mrs. Angela Romero completed her first year as a tutor at Rectory, and this year her four-month-old Chiweenie puppy, Delilah, is joining her in her classroom. Her teaching career started after she attended Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY, where she completed her undergraduate degree, and the University of Buffalo, where she obtained her graduate degree. She landed her first job as a teacher in her home town of Buffalo, NY, and worked there for five years as a reading specialist. She used an educational recruiting company (Carney Sandoe and Associates) to find a teaching job in Connecticut, where her fiance worked, and she applied for a position at Rectory School. Rectory was looking for new tutors in their Individualized Instruction Program (IIP), and Ms. Romero was perfect for the job!

Mrs. Romero has an older sister, Brienne, who still lives in Buffalo, and a younger sister, Alex, who lives near Charlotte, NC, and has one son, Mrs. Romero’s three-year-old nephew, Aedan. She also has a younger brother, Elliot, living in Alexandria, Virginia. During her first year teaching at Rectory, Mrs. Romero married her fiance, Marco, and they recently got a puppy, Delilah, to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. Her husband wanted a big dog, like a German Shepherd, but Mrs. Romero wasn’t too keen on that idea. When they went to a breeder in Manchester, CT, and met Delilah, they fell in love with her and took her home just a few days later. All of Mrs. Romero’s students agree that Delilah has helped them feel more relaxed, and she makes it easier for them to work.

Mrs. Romero enjoys reading for pleasure when she has free time, and she and her husband enjoy skiing together in the winter. She also confessed to enjoying to shop online, but she tries not to splurge too much since she and her husband bought their first house this past summer.

Mrs. Romero likes the diversity of ages and cultures of Rectory’s students. In fact, her husband was born in Mexico and moved to California as an elementary student, and he had to learn English as a second language. So Mrs. Romero knows how difficult it is for some of her Rectory students to be studying in America for the first time.

The Rectory staff enjoys having Mrs. Romero working here, and so do her students. When asked to describe his tutor, one of her students, seventh-grader Clement W., smiled and said, “Whenever I walk into Mrs. Romero’s classroom, I am greeted by her smile and cute little Delilah wagging her tail. Mrs. Romero helps me with any of my work that I don’t understand. She is also well prepared and her room is very neat and organized. If I am all caught up with my work, she always has a list of skills work for me to do, so I can improve my reading and writing.” We hope that Mrs. Romero will stay at Rectory for a long time, and we look forward to seeing her and Delilah on campus as much as possible!