Are IO Games Taking Over at Rectory?

Many people love to play video games and that is no exception for the students at Rectory School. During the academic day, Rectory students are not allowed their tech (cell phones and personal devices). The only device they can use is their school Chromebook. On these Chromebooks they can’t play popular video games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty because these devices don’t have enough memory and processing speed. The only games they can play on these Chromebooks are the ones that are free to play on the Internet, but Rectory blocks many of those games. However, there’s one type of game that students go crazy over. This type of game is called IO. It’s interesting that I cannot find the actual meaning of IO, but some website sources such as Quora say that it stands for “Input/ Output” and/or “Indian Ocean gaming.” IO games have been a big trend for a couple of years now. Students love to play these games on their Chromebooks. Now don’t worry; students can’t play most of these IO games because they are blocked by the school tech office. 

Some of the most popular IO games are called and These games are among the most played by students. In the very beginning of IO games (2015), was highly played. The game blew up instantly after its release on April 28th, 2015. This sparked the trend of the IO game. Since then, many IO games have been released by various developers, many of whom are unknown.

In this reporter’s opinion, his favorite IO game is is a popular IO game that is a 2d third-person battle royale (last man standing) shooter game. You pick up guns throughout the map and battle it out to be the last one standing to get the “winner winner chicken dinner.”

The showcase photo for this article is a screenshot that was taken by this reporter as he was playing a video game. The picture displays what happens when you win in

In conclusion, I think that IO games are a big trend right now, but they are not played as much as other popular video games and will never be as big as games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. Although they are very fun to play, they will never be as addictive as other popular video games. So, in this reporter’s opinion, IO games are not taking over at Rectory, even though they are widely played. In the reporter’s free time at home, he never decides to play an IO game over a game such as Fortnite.   

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