The PlayStation Plus Scam

According to Business Insider online, over 91 million PlayStation 4’s have been sold. A new PlayStation 4 sells for $299.99 U.S dollars if purchased directly on the PlayStation website. So one day you decide that you want to buy one and are told that your console or PlayStation will arrive in five days. You also decide that you want to buy the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which costs $29.99 U.S dollars, on sale. You have now spent over $330 dollars, not including tax, on your new console. When it arrives, you open the PlayStation, hook it up to your TV, and decide to play Call of Duty.  After you install the game, you open the application only to find that the multiplayer feature that allows you to play online with other real-life players is RESTRICTED! The message you receive when you try to click on multiplayer is “PlayStation Plus is required to use this feature.” You soon discover that you have to pay an extra $59.99 per year for it. So now you are not only paying for the console and games, but you’re also paying an additional annual fee that was not apparent at the time of your original purchase.

Now, you may ask yourself, “Why does this matter?” Since you have to pay for online multiplayer (PlayStation Plus) on your PlayStation, you might guess that you would most likely have to pay for multiplayer on your PC (personal computer), as well. Wrong! You can buy the same game for your PC for the exact same price and you don’t have to pay a dime for online multiplayer. Thus, it is this reporter’s belief that PlayStation is scamming you for your hard-earned money.

Although most online-multiplayer games require PlayStation Plus, not all games require this feature. Games such as Rainbow Six Siege, a first-person shooter game, require you to have PlayStation Plus. However, a new update to the game Rainbow Six Siege no longer requires you to have PlayStation Plus. This is not the only game that doesn’t require you to have this online feature, thus proving that PlayStation Plus is not necessary. Again, in my opinion, this is just a scam to get more of your money. A way to avoid paying for a game that requires PlayStation Plus is to look at the back of the game’s case and search for the small print that says “requires PlayStation Plus to play.”

In conclusion, I believe that you should be highly cautious when buying a console and be aware of the commitment you are making. If you already have a gaming computer and have multiple games that you want to play, you can simply purchase a controller that is compatible with your PC. This will give you the console experience without requiring you to purchase a PlayStation.